Collections Setup

Collection combines multiple (hidden) galleries into a single thumbnail group. Each hidden gallery can be viewed by clicking the representative thumbnail. This is a unique feature that Photo was founded on, now Batch and Total CMS groups can use Collections as well.

Gallery Collections Setup:

  1. Add multiple (1 or more) Photo Pro Groups on a page.
  2. For each Photo Pro Group, enable Thumbnails → Options → Hide.
  3. After enabling Hide, a Collect Img: option will appear, drop in a representative thumbnail image and caption. Do this for each Photo Group.
  4. Add a new Photo Pro Group to the page, and open the stack settings.
  5. Go to Group Settings → Image Source, select Collect.
  6. This Collect group will combine and style all photo group representative thumbnails.
  7. Switch to Preview. Click thumbnails to view separate group light boxes.

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