Photo Base Settings

Pre Loader:

Photo Pro will show an animated preload circle animation before thumbnails load, and before lightbox feature images load. You can style this with these settings.

  • Size: The size of the preload circle.
  • Speed: The rotation speed of the preload circle.
  • Solid: The width or thickness of the preload circle.
  • Pad: The spacing around the preload circle.
  • Thumbnails: The color of the preload circle in the thumbnail area.
  • Lightbox: The color of the preload circle in the lightbox.

Hide TB Captions:

By default, thumbnail captions are not hidden on mobile devices, but you can change this. For example, if you enter “400” screen widths of 400 and below will not show thumbnail image captions.

Cartloom ID:

To use the Add to Cart feature, a Cartloom account store name (or seller name) is required in this field to activate Cartloom checkout within the lightbox. If this field is empty, images cannot add to cart.

Caption Width:

By default the max width for lightbox captions is 600px, you can increase or decrease this value.

Copyright Info:

In the Photo Base settings, optionally add copyright text. This text will appear below every lightbox image caption for all photo groups on that stacks page. Adjust this text color with the Copyright color picker. 

Zoom Label:

By default, when an image is zoomed in, the label “Zoom” and the percentage of the zoom amount is shown in the lightbox. You can change or remove this zoom label text.

Always Show Prev/Next Arrows:

By default, the Photo Pro lightbox (on desktop) will fade out the prev / next image controls, these icons will re-appear on mouse over of the featured image. Enabling this option will prevent the prev/next arrows from fading out, keeping them always visible.

Lightbox Colors:

Adjust all color styles used for the lightbox view.

EXIF Labels:

Optionally customize meta data labels to accommodate different languages or preferred text. Learn more about meta data use in Photo Pro here.

EXIF Colors:

Adjust all color styles used to display EXIF image information.

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