Add to Cart Setup

Want to sell the images in your lightbox gallery? Single images have an Add to Cart input for pasting in a Cartloom product link. Once added, a shopping bag icon will appear in both the image thumbnail and lightbox view. Add to Cart feature requires a Cartloom account.

Add to Cart Setup:

  1. In the Photo Pro Base settings, go to the Cartloom ID: enter your store name or seller name. If you don’t have one? Signup for a free Cartloom account.
  2. Create a Cartloom product of your image as a digital download (see video above).
  3. In the Cartloom product edit Snippets → Advanced → Add to cart, copy only the href value. Would look something like “”.
  4. Open the Photo Pro Image stack settings, the one you wish to sell.
  5. Go to Image → Lightbox → Add to Cart, and paste the add to cart href link.
  6. Switch to Preview. An add to cart bag should now be on your thumbnail and lightbox image.

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