Lightbox Link Setup

Turn any text or image into RapidWeaver link that can open a specific lightbox gallery. Links can even trigger hidden photo galleries. Multiple hidden galleries can exist on your page, waiting to be shown with your custom links. Assign a lightbox keyword to a group, that then can be use for links.

Lightbox link setup:

  1. Open the Photo Pro Group stack settings.
  2. Go to Group Settings → Lightbox Link, and enter a unique keyword, (or lowercase and dashed term) for this photo group. This keyword is a hidden value only used for lightbox linking, and will never be publicly visible.

Lightbox link usage:

  1. Highlight any text or image you’ve added to RapidWeaver, and using the link tool, convert the text or image into a link.
  2. A RapidWeaver link popup will appear, ignore the URL field, and add a Custom Attribute by clicking the [+] icon.
  3. For the Name, enter “data-lightbox-link”
  4. For the Value, enter the lightbox link keyword or term you assigned to the photo group you want to show.
  5. Click “Set Link”. Now clicking this link will launch this group lightbox.

Important Note:

  • The photo group you want to link to, must be on present on the page for the lightbox link to work. In other words, a lightbox link cannot show a lightbox that’s on a different page, but can show a hidden lightbox on the same page.

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