Batch Resource Setup

Quickly create batch image groups using RapidWeaver Resource folders. Drag and drop images into a folder on your mac, then drag that folder to the RapidWeaver Resources. Within Photo Pro, you can now use that Resource folder to show all images as a photo group.

Adding Resource Images:

  1. In RapidWeaver, open Resources (View → Show Site Resources).
  2. In the Resource panel, click + add and choose New Folder.
  3. Rename your new folder to suit the images it will contain.
  4. Click your new folder title, should say “No resources found”.
  5. Drag a full size image folder to the Resource panel center to add.
  6. Drag a thumbnail image folder to the Resource panel center to add.
  7. You now have a custom folder that contains full size and thumbnail folders to create a resource gallery in Photo Pro.

Using Batch Resource in Photo Pro:

  1. Open the Photo Pro Group stack settings.
  2. Go to Group Settings → Image Source, select Resource.
  3. In Full Images: enter the resource path to your full size image folder.
  4. In Thumbnails: enter the resource path to your thumbnail image folder.

Important Notes:

By default, batch image captions and alt tags are generated from image filenames. Caption text formatting will replace filename dashes with spaces, and capitalize the first letter. For example, a file named “macro-flower.jpg”, will be captioned “Macro flower”. The Meta Caption setting can override this if an embedded meta title or caption is found in the image. Learn more about Meta Captions here.

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