Photo Group Settings

Image Source:

Photo groups provide multiple image source options, choose the option best for your needs.

  • Stacks: Drag images into stacks (one by one) to create your photo group. 
  • Resource: Drag multiple images into a folder, add folder to Resources, and use these image for photo group.
  • TCMS: Use images from a Total CMS gallery within a photo group.
  • Collect: Create a group of thumbnails that link to separate photo groups.

Group Title:

Every photo group requires a Title. The title is required for the lightbox to function. The group title can be optionally hidden or shown for thumbnails and lightbox images in the Thumbnail Caption settings. Photo groups with the same title will be combined together when lightbox viewing.

Lightbox Link:

Turn any RapidWeaver image or text into a linked lightbox trigger. Intended for hidden groups on the stacks page.

See setup tutorial and video

Thumbnail Sort:

  • None: Sorting will not be applied.
  • Lightbox Caption Ascending: Thumbnails will be sorted a-z based on the first 5 letters of the lightbox caption.
  • Lightbox Caption Descending: Thumbnails will be sorted z-a based on the first 5 letters of the lightbox caption.
  • EXIF DateTime Newest First: Thumbnails will be sorted newest to older based on EXIF DateTime meta data.
  • EXIF DateTime Oldest First: Thumbnails will be sorted oldest to newest based on EXIF DateTime meta data.
  • Shuffle: Thumbnails will be randomly ordered on page load.

Thumbnail Layout:

Photo Pro gives you the top 3 legendary thumbnail layouts used by professional photographers online… Grid, Masonry, and Justified. When choosing each of these 3 layouts, additional settings will be revealed for extended styling.

  • Grid: Crops original image. Column + Row aligned. Columns setting applies.
  • Masonry: No image cropping. Column aligned. Columns setting applies.
  • Justified: No image cropping. Row Aligned. Columns setting does not apply.

Thumbnail Columns:

Photo Pro makes responsive column setup quick and easy, just enter the desired column count that will be shown for each screen size. * Column settings are not show in RapidWeaver Edit mode, switch to Preview to view your settings. Column count is used for Grid and Masonry layouts, but ignored for the Justified layout.

  • Phone: Count for screen sizes below 600px.
  • Phone+: Count for screen sizes above 600px.
  • Tablet: Count for screen sizes above 800px.
  • Laptop: Count for screen sizes above 1100px.

Thumbnail Radius:

Select the corner rounding style for each thumbnail.

Thumbnail Spacing:

Select the margin spacing between each thumbnail.

Thumbnail Options:

  • Protect: If enabled, people cannot drag or right click images to copy to desktop, or open contextual image options.
  • Random: If enabled, a random order of your thumbnails will be generated. This option can give a fresh feel to returning visitors.
  • Hide: If enabled, all group thumbnails will become hidden. Useful for lightbox linking, and making a gallery collections. 
  • Hide → Collect Image: Provide a single image that will import into a group collection. When this image is clicked, it’s associated group of images will be lightboxed. Intended for making gallery collections from Batch Resource, or TCMS images.
  • Outline: If enabled, a thin outline will be applied to all thumbnails to enhance edge definition.

Lightbox Actions:

Enabling these features will show icons that people can click or tap to perform an action within the lightbox.

  • Share: If enabled, people can choose to share the lightbox image via Email, Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook. To further note, sharing with Email, Pinterest, and Twitter, will link people back to that specific image, while Facebook, can only link to the photo group page url, and not a specific lightbox image.
  • Download: If enabled, people can download the full version of the lightbox image.
  • Expand: If enabled, people can expand the lightbox to full screen. This effect is commonly found in YouTube videos for example.
  • EXIF: If enabled, Photo Pro will look for image EXIF data, and if found will show an info icon next to the image title and caption. When the info icon is clicked, a pop of the found EXIF data will be shown.

Lightbox Options:

Enabling these features will affect the appearance and behavior of the lightbox experience.

  • Thumbs: If enabled, thumbnails of all group images will appear below the featured lightbox image. Clicking a thumbnail will feature the selected image in the lightbox.
  • Loop: If enabled, the lightbox will reset back to the first image when clicking next on the last lightbox image.
  • Count: If enabled, the lightbox will show the current and total image count in the upper left corner.
  • Autoplay: If enabled, the lightbox will act like a slideshow, and proceed to the next image every few seconds.

Thumbnail Captions:

These settings allow you to customize the thumbnail group title and image caption styling. If you wanted to (for example) hide the group title from appearing in all thumbnails, you can with these settings.

Lightbox Caption:

These settings allow you to customize the lightbox group title and image caption styling.

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