Banner – HTML5 Video

1. Add your .mp4 video to the RapidWeaver Resources panel.
2. In edit mode, add the video snippet below to your content or sidebar area.

<video loop muted autoplay class="feature"><source src="%resource(my_video.mp4)%" type="video/mp4"></video>

3. Clear the code formatting on the video tag.
4. Change “my_video” to your video title (no spaces).
5. Go Inspector > Styles > Banner Type, choose “HTML or Embed Video”.
6. When in preview mode, you’re HTML5 video should now be playing!.
7. Drop in a fall back image banner for iOS devices.

Why? Basically, Apple limits iOS video support to prevent people from blowing through their data plan. But with your added image, iOS users will still have something nice to look at 🙂

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