Clearing Stack

Using a stacks page you can create an “edge to edge” section (breaking outside of the content margins) with the Clearing Stack.

Download Clearing Stack Resources here →

This download folder contains the following files…

  • clearing-split.rw8
  • Clearing.stack

Install the Clearing.stack by dragging and dropping it onto the RapidWeaver app icon in your dock. This will install 2 stack into the Stacks plugin:

Clearing Split OUT: This stack allows for left to right edge-to-edge stack content, with no padding, no margin, no width. There is also a toggle stack option if this Split stack is being used at the theme footer.

Clearing Split IN: This stack can optionally be used within Split OUT to give inner Stack content, theme padding, margin, and width.

Once the Clearing.stack is installed, you can open the clearing-split.rw8 project file for a basic example of how the Split stack can be used within a Stacks page with the Clearing theme. This includes a Split stack footer example too.

*Notes: When using Split stacks…

  • Hide the default theme footer in the style options.
  • Set the Sidebar position to Hide in the style options.

These options are not compatible with Split stack use.

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