Writer Theme for RapidWeaver 7

Go forth and
tell the world in style.

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Writer for RapidWeaver. Make Headlines.

Celebrate website clarity! Tell the world, with search friendly giant headlines, immersive backgrounds, accessible site navigation, and contact info that's easy to find - on every page!

A text first approach might sound simple, but many websites do suffer from a lack of clarity. Writer keeps key site elements isolated, easy to find, and uniquely engaging. With zero setup time, your new blog can look this good, straight out of the box!

A clear and beautiful message is a great start, but Writer’s responsive tools and style options complete the package. Each page can feature its own unique headline, background image, color gradient overlay, and much more. Explore this demo site for inspiration. This demo site also available for download as a RapidWeaver project file.

Built-in Page Types


The Blog plugin allows you to manage a collection of blog entries; recording personal events, thoughts, ideas and more. Audio and video files can also be added to blog entries to create Podcasts – all of which can be syndicated using RSS feeds.

Styled Text

The Styled Text page type is the most widely-used RapidWeaver plugin. Styled Text pages allow you to easily stylise content such as text, images and movies without requiring any knowledge of HTML.


The Markdown plugin, introduced in RapidWeaver 6, allows you to write using an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format, called Markdown. Markdown is converted flawlessly to HTML when your project is published.Continue Reading

Responsive Media and Built-in Tools

60+ Social Icons

Our social icon library (that we create, and add to) has grown to over 60 social networks! These icons can go anywhere in any editable content area, or import into a special area of this theme.

Responsive Video

Simply adding embed video links into your site from YouTube, Vimeo, Blip.tv or Viddler, Strata will automatically detect and apply responsive formatting to each video. It couldn't be easier (and faster) to have great looking videos that scale to any screen size.Continue Reading

Powerful Stacks for RapidWeaver.

At Nick Cates Design you’ll find a highly functional and well tailored stacks to suit specific site needs. New to Stacks? The Stacks plugin for RapidWeaver is an indispensable tool for quickly creating responsive layouts and advanced site functionality. All of our stacks require the Stacks plugin to operate. Here’s just a few of our customer favorite stacks...

SuperFlex. Create Epic Slideshows.

From images and video, to maps and hero banners, the SuperFlex "Media Type" slide architecture allows you to slide virtually anything with purpose built control. Quickly generate thumbnails automatically from slide images, or create your thumbnails from custom images. Other power features include remote folder support, extensive caption and style controls, and import ability into designated theme areas. Learn more about SuperFlex.Continue Reading