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Zoom Thumbnail Videos

Elegant zoom videos. Anywhere in RapidWeaver Stacks

RapidWeaver Stacks 3 plugin required

Play Velvet Anywhere.

Design video thumbnails with drag/drop images, play icons, and color pickers. Add beautiful video experiences, anywhere within your Stacks layout.

The Zoom Experience.

Click/tap Velvet thumbnails for an immersive zoom effect, fading the site background, with full-size autoplay viewing.

Loading Performance.

Velvet conserves precious browser resources, by strictly loading required content depending on desktop or mobile playback.

Grid Video Galleries

Create a grid video gallery using Velvet, and built-in Stack columns. Compatible with 3rd party layout stacks as well.

Velvet Tutorial:
Grid Video Gallery

Slideshow Video Galleries

Velvet can be used within a slider stack, to create a slideshow video gallery. This example uses our SuperFlex 3 slider stack.

SuperFlex 3 is not included with Velvet, but can be purchased separately.

Velvet Tutorial:
Slideshow Gallery

Mobile Direct Player

For mobile browsers, thumbnails are conveniently switched to a direct player.

  • Mobile
  • Desktop

6 Play Icons

  • 6 play icons to choose from, vector sharp on all screens.
  • Color pickers for default and hover play icon states.
  • Proportional icon size control, relative to thumbnail size.
  • 7 play icon positions to choose from. Left, Center, Right, etc...
  • Offset padding control, dial in the perfect play icon position.
Velvet Tutorial:
Getting Started


  • Compatible with any YouTube or Vimeo hosted videos.
  • Smooth thumbnail zoom effect for playing full size videos.
  • Place video thumbnails anywhere on a Stacks page.
  • Grid video galleries, with built-in Stacks columns.
  • Slideshow video galleries, with slider stacks like SuperFlex 3.
  • Unlimited Velvet videos on single Stacks page.
  • Choose from 6 play icons for Velvet thumbnails.
  • Adjustable play icon size, color, and hover color.
  • Full size autoplay, and zoom effect, are optional.
  • User adjustable mobile switch break point.
  • User adjustable full-size lightbox overlay color and opacity.
  • User adjustable thumbnail overlay color and opacity.
  • Foundation, Foundry, and Bootstrap compatible.
  • 3rd party theme compatible, for any issues let me know.

Velvet Stack - $39 Buy Now


  • Q. What videos types are supported by Velvet?
  • A. Velvet requires videos to be hosted with Vimeo or YouTube.
    Self hosted .mp4 files (for example) will not play due to Safari browser limits on dynamic video playback.
  • Q. Is there a manual for this Velvet stack?
  • A. Yes. You can locate the Velvet manual at nickcatesdesign.com within the Velvet product listing.
  • Q. Can I use a text link to trigger the zoom effect for videos?
  • A. No. A thumbnail image is required to initiate video playback.
  • Q. Can I choose my own thumbnail image for each Velvet video?
  • A. Yes. You can drop in any image to use for the video thumbnail.
  • Q. How exactly are videos loaded using Velvet?
  • A. On desktops, only Velvet thumbnail images are loaded. When a thumbnail is clicked by the user - that video will then be loaded for playback. Loading only desired videos on demand is excellent for browser performance.

    On mobile, direct video players will appear in place of Velvet thumbnail images. Thumbnail images are not loaded at all, decreasing the total page load size, and speeding up page load times.
  • Q. For iPads, zoomed videos do not autoplay, is this a bug?
  • A. No. For iOS devices, Apple strictly requires direct user interaction to play online videos.
  • Q. How can I ask a question about Velvet?
  • A. Please shoot me an email here, thanks!