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Vast Stack
Autoplay video for RapidWeaver

Go beyond traditional autoplay video with innovative pro features. Play Start for controlled playback and maximum length. Play View for optimal browser performance. Optional mobile video loading. Vastly better experiences await, ready for your stack content.

Unlimited websites for $49.99

Play Start

Traditional video backgrounds play an endless loop, no playback control. Vast will always play your videos from the start when viewed.

Play View

Traditional video backgrounds all play at the same time. Vast only plays the viewed video, and pauses the others.

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Vast Style

Set responsive dimensions, and vertical alignment for stack content. Blur, tint, and color pickers can be used for text readability.

Mobile Poster

Traditional video backgrounds always load on mobile devices. Vast makes loading the video background on mobile, optional.

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Vast Log

Vast Log Stack. Monitor real time loading and playback status.

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Vast Tips

Vast Tips Stack. Quick guide for video exporting.

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Vast Stack

  • Loading and playback monitoring
  • Best Browser Performance
  • Autoplay From Start
  • Mobile Poster Only Option
  • Responsive Layout Settings
  • Vertical Content Alignment
  • Blur & Tint Video Effects
  • Vast Log Stack
  • Comprehensive Tutorials
  • Vast Tips Stack

Made for muted, autoplay, looped, .mp4 playback.
Recommended For RapidWeaver 8 and Stacks 4
Compatible with RapidWeaver 7 and Stacks 3

Vast Stack $49.99