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Responsive Design

Union's layout always scales to provide the best browsing experience on all screens. To demonstrate, view this site on desktop and mobile devices.

Vertical Slider

Add images within RapidWeaver or from an external server for a stunning vertical slideshow. Highly configurable, see full theme options.

Image Protection

Union features built-in protection against common image theft. Right clicking, and image dragging, are both disabled on all page images.

Color Adjustable

All page elements for Union are 100% color adjustable in the style options. We include five custom color presets to get started.

Retina Ready

All elements used in Union are 100% retina ready for the sharpest viewing experience on the latest high resolution mobile devices and laptops.

Social Icons 2.0

Our own social icon set is built into Union, and displays in the site footer. Setup is easy, and fully covered in the manual. Check out the full icon set.

Font Awesome 3.0

One font, 249 icons. Font Awesome is a pictographic language of web-related actions, and comes built into Union. Setup covered in the manual.

Fluid Video

Flexible full video playback experience on any screen size with embedded YouTube, Vimeo, and Viddler video. View live video example.

Mobile Simulator

When building your Union site, instantly preview each page on a simulated iPad, iPhone, and Kindle Fire at anytime with our built-in Simulator 2.0.

Browser Support: Internet Explorer 9-10, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, iOS and Android.
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