Fluid Video Embedding (Automatic)

Simply adding embed video link(s) into your site from YouTube, Vimeo, Blip.tv or Viddler, Strata will automatically detect and apply responsive formatting to each video. It couldn't be easier (and faster) to have great looking videos that scale to any screen size. View example.

Edge Image Formatting

You can turn any added image in the content edit area into a responsive (scaling) image that fills the parent content container. This formatting involves nothing more than keyword tagging each each image, letting Strata know to reformat your image. View example.

Social Icons (60+)

Our social icon library (that we create, and add to) has grown to over 60 social networks! These icons can go anywhere in any editable content area, or import into special areas of Strata. Setup is easy, and covered in the Strata theme manual. View example.
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