Minimalist Layout Re-Imagined.


Minimalistic site design typically fails to accommodate large site structures without appearing visually "busy". Spartan takes a unique approach to solve this - with a double sided page effect. One page dedicated to content, the other for all navigation and social links. Switching between pages is triggered by clicking anywhere on the sticky top bar. ( If you feel the bars icon is not clear enough, there's a "Menu Text Advisor" toggle option.)

4 Distinct Banner Formats.


Padded. The most subtle banner format, 50px padding is applied to all sides of the banner image. Good choice for neutral material, like editorials, education, and weddings.

Seamless. A more contemporary format, the banner has no padding and is aligned with the site content. Good choice for a modern, classy, cohesive site feel, like architecture, cooking, fashion, or work portfolio.

Edge. A very modern format, the banner is stretched to the absolute edges of the page. This immersive style is great for showcasing any media - as it draws full attention, good for videos, bold media, anything that requires a strong visual statement.

Edge Pull. The most modern format, like “SuperWide” but pulls the content below up by 100px. This style draws full attention as well, but offers more balanced page feel. Good for photographers, architecture, cooking, and portfolios.

9 Custom Heading Fonts.


Spartan comes with 9 Heading Font choices built into the style options. Choose from Avro, Avro Bold, Open Sans, Open Sans Bold, Helvetica, Helvetica Bold, Alex Brush, Oswald, and Oswald Bold. View samples of each heading font here.

“Wow, this Spartan theme looks awesome!”

Spartan is $29.95 USD, here’s a convenient direct purchase link.

What all do you get for $29.95, or roughly 6 cups of coffee?

A lifetime of free theme updates, and re-download access.
A guarantee that any bugs found will be fixed within 48 hours.
A theme manual covering step by step - unique theme features (with free Account).
A dedicated support person (mostly me, Nick) with a response time within 24 hours.