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Modern, Polished, Image Galleries

Photo Stack

Photo is a modern image gallery stack, focused on a great experience for content creators and consumers. Photo’s responsive lightbox is beautifully animated, offering two layouts for mobile and desktop. Controls are clear, accessible, and provide fast reassuring feedback.

For content creators, Photo is a pleasure to work with. Advanced features are surely there, but only when you need them. Prepare to dazzle clients and impress visitors, with minimal setup! Other features include, Grid or Flow layouts, Image Zoom, Gallery Collections, Batch Galleries, Touch support, and more!
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    Group Settings

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    Grid Layout

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    Flow Layout

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Image Zoom & Touch

When a lightbox image is larger then the screen, a zoom icon will appear. Zoom is beautifully animated, and allows full size viewing that can be panned with mouse move, and mobile touch.

Particular attention was given to mobile gestures. Swipe up, and touch hold, can zoom in, while swipe down can zoom out, and swipe down again can close the lightbox altogether. Photo’s lightbox is highly refined for mobile usage.

Gallery Collections

For multiple galleries on a single page - accessible by a single group of thumbnails, it doesn’t get easier than Photo. When multiple galleries are on a page, images can easily be linked to join a single collection of thumbnails that trigger separate galleries.
  •  This dog came with the room.

    This dog came with the room.

  •  High contrast accents.

    High contrast accents.

  •  Obsessive about wallpapers.

    Obsessive about wallpapers.

  •  Hipster Shoes

    Hipster Shoes

  •  Beats, $3 Billion, that is all.

    Beats, $3 Billion, that is all.

  •  Vintage Telecaster, want.

    Vintage Telecaster, want.

  •  Window lit hall.

    Window lit hall.

  •  Cozy bed.

    Cozy bed.

  •  Relaxing window view.

    Relaxing window view.

  •  A desk to think.

    A desk to think.

  •  Happy Together

    Happy Together

  •  Walking Together

    Walking Together

  •  A beautiful day.

    A beautiful day.

  •  Elegant flowers.

    Elegant flowers.

  •  Beach kiss.

    Beach kiss.

  •  Girls just wanna have fun!

    Girls just wanna have fun!

  •  Banana Pancakes.

    Banana Pancakes.

  •  Fresh chopped herbs.

    Fresh chopped herbs.

  •  Brownie Muffins.

    Brownie Muffins.

  •  Wheres the coffee?

    Wheres the coffee?

  •  Full frontial.

    Full frontial.

  •  Around the corner.

    Around the corner.

  •  Seeya homes.

    Seeya homes.

  •  The home stretch.

    The home stretch.

  •  Ready to ride.

    Ready to ride.

  •  Monster Energy.

    Monster Energy.

  •  Tearin' it up!

    Tearin' it up!

  •  The Sandman.

    The Sandman.

  •  It's a bird, it's a plane...

    It's a bird, it's a plane...

Batch Galleries

Within Photo, there’s a feature called Batch, allowing you to import an entire group of sequential images on your server, from a single URL. Batch images generate within RapidWeaver preview - to show everything is working and ready for publish! Mac app Photos can export sequential images. Batch is a huge time saver for professional users.

Gallery Linking

You can turn your text or images into links that trigger specific photo galleries. Links can even trigger hidden photo galleries. Because thumbnails are optional, multiple hidden galleries can exist on your page, waiting to be shown with your custom links.

"I'd like to share a few images from a wedding last week."

Feature List

  • Video tutorials covering: Getting Started, Gallery Collections, Gallery Linking, and Batch Galleries.
  • Joe Workman's Foundation, and Bootstrap compatible.
  • 3rd party theme compatible, for any issues let me know.
  • Gallery collection, show multiple galleries from a single thumbnail set.
  • Image Zoom, beautiful full size image viewing with touch support.
  • Thumbnail layouts, Grid and Flow, with spacing and column control.
  • Assisted image SEO, automatically generate Alt and Title tags from captions.
  • Responsive lightbox, two dedicated mobile and desktop layouts.
  • Batch galleries, generate photo group from hosted sequential images.
  • Thumbnails optional, hide individual or all thumbnail images.
  • Beautifully CSS3 animated lightbox and thumbnail transitions.
  • 2 Lightbox styles, "Default Dark" and "Contrast Light".
  • Independent lightbox and thumbnail caption control.
  • Adjust caption display behavior, position style, font size, and font style.
  • Mobile touch lightbox, can be fully gesture controlled.
  • Keyboard input lightbox, prev, next, zoom, close, controls.
  • Drag and drop or Warehouse image sources.
  • Theft protection, for thumbnails and lightbox images.
  • Gallery linking, text or images can link to specific galleries.
  • Single image lightbox support if needed.
  • Mix drag and drop, and warehouse images in same Photo group.
  • Adjustable lightbox overlay opacity.
  • Android Chrome 4+ (Tested Good)
  • iOS Mobile Safari 5+ (Tested Good)
  • Win7 IE9+ (Tested Good)
  • Mac & Win7 Safari 5.1+ (Tested Good)
  • Mac & Win7 FireFox 16+ (Tested Good)
  • Mac & Win7 Chrome 15+ (Tested Good)