Photo vs Photo Pro

Photo vs Photo Pro

See a direct comparison of our Photo stack to Photo Pro.

Stack Comparison Photo Pro Stack
Photo Stack
Photo Pro Stack
Photo Pro Stack
Responsive Thumbnails & Lightbox
Stack Group Lightboxes
Stack Group Collections
SEO Image Captions
Image Protection
Batch Hosted Galleries
Optional Generated Thumbnails
Lightbox Linking
Grid Thumbnail Style
Flow Thumbnail Style
Masonry Thumbnail Layout
Justified Thumbnail Layout
Thumbnail Border Styles
100% Color Adjustable Lightbox
Batch Resource Collections
Total CMS Collections
Customizable Loading Animation
EXIF Meta Captions
EXIF Data Popup
Custom Thumbnail Input
Batch Resource Galleries
Batch Caption Support
Smart Responsive Columns
Advanced Sorting
Lightbox Multistep Zoom
Lightbox Download
Lightbox Fullscreen
Lightbox Carousel
Carousel Thumbnail Styles
Lightbox Social Sharing
Lightbox Group Hide
Lightbox Slideshow
Lightbox Video Player
Lightbox Copyright
Lightbox Image Add to Cart
Setup Examples - Project File

Upgrade - $69.99 ($30 OFF)

Photo stack owners can upgrade for $30 OFF Photo Pro pricing. A previous Photo stack purchase email must be used to qualify for the upgrade discount.


Buy Now - $99.99

Get the Photo Pro stack, example project file, unlimited site licence and updates, knowledge base, and support for 1 year. Requires RapidWeaver 8, and Stacks 4.

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Need help or have questions?

Check out the FAQ below, or send us an email.

Is RapidWeaver 8 required for Photo Pro?
Is Stacks 4 required for Photo Pro?

Yes. And yes.

Is Photo Pro compatible with (insert name any RapidWeaver framework or theme) ?


I can use Photo Pro on a RW Blog page?

No. Photo Pro is a stack, and requires the Stacks plugin page type to be used. You can however, use Photo Pro on a Total CMS blog.

Can I batch images from a hosted server folder?

Yes. Photo Pro can use a hosted server folder as the batch image source, this is for advanced users, that are not afraid of FTP 😉

Can I use Photo Pro for clients?

Yes. A one-time purchase of Photo Pro gives you a lifetime of unlimited usage for creating online galleries for personal and commercial use. Support is provided for 1 year after the purchase date, but you do get unlimited stack updates.

Can Photo Pro import my instagram feed or shared Apple Photos gallery ?

Long story short, no.

Photo Pro Buy NowUpgrade

Photo stack owners can upgrade for $30 OFF Photo Pro pricing.

A previous Photo stack purchase email must be used to qualify.