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Photo Pro

The most powerful RapidWeaver gallery stack ever made.

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Legendary Layouts

Among photographers around the world, 3 gallery thumbnail styles have risen to the top, Grid, Masonry, and Justified. Photo Pro has all 3 legendary layouts built in, and they all look amazing, and perfect on mobile. You can not go wrong with these 3 thumbnail layouts.

Gallery Collections

Collection combines multiple (hidden) galleries into a single thumbnail group. Each hidden gallery can be viewed by clicking the representative thumbnail. This is a unique feature that Photo was founded on, now Batch and Total CMS groups can use Collections as well.

  • Machines


  • All-new 2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon


  • Polestar 1


  • EJS 2018 Moab, UT


  • Autodesk VRED Professional 2014 SR1-SP7


  • Dodge Challenger SRT


  • Toyota GR Supra GT4


  • Audi RS 4 Avant


  • Mclaren MSO 570s Spider


  • Audi AI Trail Quattro


  • Rolls Royce Cullinan Black Badge


  • Hyundai Vision T Concept


  • Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO


  • Rimac C Two


  • Jeep Wrangler Expedition


  • GMC Sierra All Terrain


  • People


  • You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view. - Harper Lee

    People Focus

  • And all she ever wanted to do was fly. - K. Azizian

    People Up and Away

  • Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers. - Voltaire

    People Respect

  • Live the full life of the mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of the unusual. - Ernest Hemmingway

    People Revel

  • Every moment, if properly utilized, has the potential to transcend space and time. - Haresh Sippy

    People Tuned In

  • A strong woman stands up for herself. A stronger woman stands up for everybody else. - Unknown

    People Aspire

  • Food


  • Birdseye fruit pancakes

    Food Birdseye fruit pancakes

  • Creeping on fruit pancakes

    Food Creeping on fruit pancakes

  • Steak pancake creme

    Food Steak pancake creme

  • Bread & butter

    Food Bread & butter

  • Skirt steak fajitas

    Food Skirt steak fajitas

  • Banana walnut bread

    Food Banana walnut bread

  • Chocolate decadence

    Food Chocolate decadence

  • Black cherry cupcakes

    Food Black cherry cupcakes

  • Home Interior

    Home InteriorHome Interior

  •  Mudroom


  •  Main living room

    Main living room

  •  Master kitchen

    Master kitchen

  •  Dining room

    Dining room

  •  Dining room (perspective #1)

    Dining room (perspective #1)

  •  Dining room (perspective #2)

    Dining room (perspective #2)

Smart Columns

Photo Pro takes the complicated task of setting up column counts for thumbnails at different screen sizes, and makes it smooth and easy. Simply enter the desired column count that will be shown for each screen size, Phone, Phone +, Tablet, and Desktop.


If enabled, people cannot drag or right click images to copy to desktop, or open contextual image options in the browser. This is a deterrent (as most image protection is), and is meant to deter common theft methods. Generally speaking, if it's on the internet, someone can take it.

Advanced Sorting

Sort by ascending or descending A-Z captions, or by EXIF DateTime newest or oldest first. Sorting is key when working with Resource folder images, you can manage the thumbnail order effortlessly. EXIF DateTime cannot be modified by RapidWeaver or a server, it's a dependable sorting option.

Group Hide

Hiding thumbnails is great for triggering a lightbox gallery with a custom link. Multiple hidden groups can even make a collection. Hiding all thumbnails is a 1-click option. When enabled, a "Collect" image input can be used as the representative thumbnail in a Collection.

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When opening a lightbox gallery, you can enable all thumbnails to be shown below the featured image. Thumbnails can be clicked to advance to chosen images. On desktop people can scroll left to right (or mobile swipe) to quickly navigate the entire photo group.

Zoom & Fullscreen

Lightbox images start out "zoom to fit" within the browser. People can then zoom in by either clicking the featured image, or clicking the zoom icon. Zoom starts at 50%, and increases 75%, to 100%, with further clicks. Additionally, a fullscreen viewing option can be enabled.

Sharing & Download

Lightbox images can be shared via email or Twitter, with a link to that exact image, or saved as a pin on Pinterest. Image links open a webpage, open the lightbox, and shows that specific image. If lightbox downloading is enabled, people can click to download the full size image as well.

Color Adjustable

The Photo Pro lightbox is elegantly dark by default, but all lightbox elements are fully color adjustable. From subtle changes like making an overlay more transparent... To a completely white themed lightbox, anything is possible with 20 lightbox color pickers.


A lightbox slideshow can be enable/disable on a per group basis. When enabled, you can also adjust the autoplay stop behavior and next delay timing. The slideshow begins once the lightbox has been opened. Combine the slideshow with lightbox thumbnails for a rich viewing experience.


Turn any text or image into RapidWeaver link that can open a specific lightbox gallery. Links can even trigger hidden photo galleries. Multiple hidden galleries can exist on your page, waiting to be shown with your custom links. Assign a lightbox keyword to a group, that then can be use for links.

Keyboard Control

For enhanced functionality, Photo Pro's lightbox offers keyboard control. Left and right arrows advance to previous or next images. The up and down arrows can zoom in and out of the featured image. The "x" key and down arrow can close and exit the lightbox.

Copyright & Protect

Photo Pro includes a special copyright input field. Copyright text will appear below the image caption for all lightbox images. This text is color picker adjustable. If thumbnail protect is enabled, all lightbox images will also inherit common theft protection as well.

Stacks Image 598

Thumbnail Options

Photo single images get 3 thumbnail options. Either provide a custom thumbnail image, or have stacks generate a 400 x 400 pixel thumbnail image from the full-size image, or don't add thumbnail and have the full size image be used for the thumbnail as well.

Lightbox Video

Single images get a lightbox option call "Video". When enabled, you enter a YouTube or Vimeo video page url, and that video will be shown in the lightbox (instead of a full size image). Photographers and clients can showcase videos from a group of Photo Pro thumbnails.

SEO Alt Caption

When adding custom caption text for single images, Photo Pro will also use that caption text to generate the image alt tag. This is SEO gold (Google loves it) and it happens automatically. You can however disable this, and enter your Alt text manually if desired.

Add to Cart

Want to sell the images in your lightbox gallery? Single images have an Add to Cart input for pasting in a Cartloom product link. Once added, a shopping bag icon will appear in both the image thumbnail and lightbox view. Add to Cart feature requires a Cartloom account.

  •  Lightbox Video

    Lightbox Video

  •  Add to Cart

    Add to Cart

External Link

Clicking thumbnails normally opens the lightbox, but what if you wanted a thumbnail to be a link that directs people to another web page? Single image thumbnails have the option of becoming external links to other pages. Yes, a thumbnail layout can be a navigational menu.

Total CMS Support

Photo Pro has direct Total CMS integration, so you can use TCMS images, and apply all the special Photo Pro stack settings to them. Simply choose "TCMS" as the image input, enter a CMS ID, and you're ready. Provide clients a stunning image gallery they can edit online.

Zoom In Default

In some cases, having a lightbox image zoom in and pan by default is preferred, like when showing a panorama image for example. Single images have a "Zoom In" option to automatically initiate the zoom in function shortly after the lightbox image loads.

Hosted (Warehouse) Support

Want the power of Photo image stack settings, but prefer to use images hosted on your server? You can select "Hosted" for the image input (also referred to as warehouse). Hosted input provides 2 separate url fields, for both the full size image and thumbnail.

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Drag & Drop Setup

Quickly create batch image groups using RapidWeaver Resource folders. Drag and drop images into a folder on your mac, then drag that folder to the RapidWeaver Resources. Within Photo Pro, you can now use that Resource folder to show all images as a photo group.

Auto Captions & Alt Tags

Photo Pro automatically creates image captions and alt tags directly from Resource image file names. A resource image named "beautiful-sunset.jpg", would receive a caption that says "Beautiful sunset". Optionally, a Meta Caption can be selected to override this.

EXIF / IPTC Support

Adobe Lightroom and Apple Photos are just a few apps great for editing image meta data, and exporting a batch of images. Photo Pro can read Resource image meta data, and use it for thumbnail date sorting, caption text, alt tag, and supplemental lightbox image info.

Thumbnail Support

Photo Pro provides two folder sources when making a batch Resource group. One folder for full size images, and another folder for thumbnails. Quickly create large volume image galleries on your website page, while serving smaller, compressed, (faster loading) thumbnails.

Stacks Image 592

Meta Captions

Optionally choose an image meta tag for image thumbnail captions, even a different meta tag for lightbox captions as well. For example, image Titles you add in Lightroom can be used for thumbnails, and image Captions you add in Lightroom can be used for the lightbox.

Meta Data Popup

Optionally show an info button next to lightbox image captions to reveal meta data. Clicking the info icon will show a list of data points in a nice popup. Popular EXIF, Lightroom, and Apple Photos data will be shown. EXIF GPS data even generates a google map link 😱

Knowledge Base

Photo Pro comes with a complete knowledge base. Watch 7 "how to" walk through videos, find detailed setting explanations, or ask your own questions.

Photo Pro (Knowledge Base) β†’

Project Examples

Download the Photo Pro theme and project file for RapidWeaver 8. Get live examples of EXIF meta data usage, Collections, Lightbox Linking, Lightbox Video, and more.

Photo Pro Examples (RW8)

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Get the Photo Pro stack, example project file, unlimited site licence and updates, knowledge base, and support for 1 year. Requires RapidWeaver 8, and Stacks 4.

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100% Color Adjustable Lightbox βœ“
Batch Resource Collections βœ“
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Customizable Loading Animation βœ“
EXIF Meta Captions βœ“
EXIF Data Popup βœ“
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Batch Caption Support βœ“
Smart Responsive Columns βœ“
Advanced Sorting βœ“
Lightbox Multistep Zoom βœ“
Lightbox Download βœ“
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Lightbox Carousel βœ“
Carousel Thumbnail Styles βœ“
Lightbox Social Sharing βœ“
Lightbox Group Hide βœ“
Lightbox Slideshow βœ“
Lightbox Video Player βœ“
Lightbox Copyright βœ“
Lightbox Image Add to Cart βœ“
Setup Examples - Project File βœ“

Need help or have questions?

Check out the FAQ below, or send us an email.

Is RapidWeaver 8 required for Photo Pro?
Is Stacks 4 required for Photo Pro?

Yes. And yes.

Is Photo Pro compatible with (insert name any RapidWeaver framework or theme) ?


I can use Photo Pro on a RW Blog page?

No. Photo Pro is a stack, and requires the Stacks plugin page type to be used. You can however, use Photo Pro on a Total CMS blog.

Can I batch images from a hosted server folder?

Yes. Photo Pro can use a hosted server folder as the batch image source, this is for advanced users, that are not afraid of FTP πŸ˜‰

Can I use Photo Pro for clients?

Yes. A one-time purchase of Photo Pro gives you a lifetime of unlimited usage for creating online galleries for personal and commercial use. Support is provided for 1 year after the purchase date, but you do get unlimited stack updates.

Can Photo Pro import my instagram feed or shared Apple Photos gallery ?

Long story short, no.

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