Changing the world, one site at a time…

Motion FX Banner

Open's banner displays a loading animation until the banner image is fully loaded, then fades in with subtle motion effects. It's classy.

SuperFlex Banner

Want to have a giant slideshow banner? Our SuperFlex stack can import into Open's banner. Sold separately. See Live example.

Responsive or not.

This site layout naturally scales to provide the best experience on all screen sizes, or optionally you can use a traditional fixed site width.

Font Awesome 3.0

One font, 249 icons. Font Awesome is a pictographic language of web-related actions. Setup covered in theme manual.

Custom Headings

Open comes with 3 custom heading font choices, "Open Sans", "Bebas Neue", and "Arvo". Each lend a very different design tone to your site style.

Color Adjustable

It would be silly to name a theme "Open", and lock you into color choices. All text, backgrounds, and borders are fully color adjustable.

Video Banner

Want to play YouTube or Vimeo videos in the banner? Open's banner fully supports responsive video playback! See live example.

Photo Album 2.0

Open transforms RapidWeaver's Photo Album into an immersive gallery with responsive formatting. See live example.

Social Icons 2.0

Our custom social icon set has grown to over 50 social icons, and can now be use anywhere within your site! See live example.

Mobile Simulator

When building your site, instantly preview each page on a simulated iPad, iPhone, and Kindle Fire with our built-in Simulator 2.0

Fluid Video

Flexible full video playback experience on any screen size with embedded YouTube, Vimeo, and Viddler video. See live example.

Browser Support

Open is compatible with all major desktop and mobile browsers. This includes solid IE8 compatibility, yep even IE8.