N Spire Deux

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Mobile Responsive

N Spire features a mobile responsive layout, with beautifully animated page loading. Desktop site width is adjustable, while 3 mobile break points adapt the layout to tablet, mini tablet, and phone screen sizes.

Alternative Layout Styles

Vertical site title to bold for your needs? Theres two alternative layout styles, "Sidebar Site Title", and "Sidebar Site Title / Left Align". These are excellent options for a more traditional layout feel.

Built-In Awesome

Add background images with ease, using RapidWeaver 7's drag and drop Banner function. Show images elegantly with Photo Album's zoom gallery. Play audio files with N Spires built-in audio player, and play video embeds with responsive auto scaling. No coding required.

Powerful Navigation

Site navigation is kept clear, and always within reach. Visitors know where they are - with nav path reveal, breadcrumb links, and color adjustable nav dot status, for hover, selected, and current pages.

N Spire Sidebar

This sidebar is a key design element, comprising of 3 parts: navigation, sidebar content, and footer. Each section is fully color adjustable with opacity control, for limitless design options.

The Complete Package

Convenient site setup, responsive media tools, 3 mobile layouts, 9 theme styles, and over 60 built in social icons - N Spire delivers impressive results, quickly, out of the box. This unique layout would be near impossible to recreate with Foundation or Bootstrap frameworks. If a standout theme - with a custom site feel - is needed for your next project, consider N Spire Deux for RapidWeaver 7.

  •  Forest


  •  Avenger


  •  Terrain


  •  Breath


  •  Mix


  •  Dark Knight

    Dark Knight

  •  Frozen


  •  War Machine

    War Machine