The Wood Turner

Shot in a couple of hours on 2 separate afternoons, this is Leo who lives in a yurt with his partner and a variety of animals on the edge of Exmoor in the UK. He is a craftsman of many talents, and this film shows him turning a piece of wood into a beautiful bowl using a traditional foot powered lathe (which he also built himself).

We started shooting on the first afternoon, but one of his sheep escaped, so we had to shoot the rest the following afternoon. Unfortunately, the weather was far from perfect and was actually raining lightly. It doesn't take him long to turn one of these bowls, and watching him work was a real pleasure.

How to Build a Acoustic Diffuser

Here I run you through how I built three acoustic diffusers for the rear wall of the studio. As long as you put the work into the prep this is actually a fairly simple project that looks great at the end. I looked at using commercial solutions for the studio but shipping large blocks of wood all the way to New Zealand added a lot to the cost. I enjoy making things so the DIY approach was more affordable and fun for me.

The Chair Designer

Holger is a character. He lived a high-paced, fully emerged life in the sixties and 70ties as one of the key figures in the danish Hippie movement, but his real passion always stayed his love for furniture design and his work with wood. His story is a story of a life lived in the extremes, a story of passion and deep thoughts on the meaning of life.

Portrait of a Wood Carver

This short profile film on Mike Wood is a personal project. Mike has been wood caving for over 35 years. Many of his pieces can be seen at the Elmwood Zoo in Norristown PA. Sometimes you don't have to go to far to find great histories, Mike lives very close to my house in Norristown and shooting this film was such a great experience and a great way to make a new friend in my neighborhood.

Ashley Harwood

Video profiling wood turner / artist Ashley Harwood from Charleston, SC. She shows off her process and explains a lot about her work. She uses nothing but salvaged wood.

The Guitar Builder

A down economy and a passion for wood working lured Jack Coobs to guitar building. For the last 10 years, he's been producing works of art. His acoustic guitars are some of the finest looking and sounding instruments around. On average, he will make 12 instruments a year.