Responsive Theme for RapidWeaver.

Out Of The Box - Awesome.

FLIP’s site design stands out from the crowd, delivering a genuine custom site experience out of the box - just add content and publish!

We’ve worked through a jillion details to ensure a unique visitor experience that’s smooth and intuitive, while also having the right theme options to mold the FLIP layout to your specific needs.

“Unbound” Theme Options

The right and left content formatting is what makes FLIP so unique, but if you need a simple center layout with horizontal drop navigation - FLIP can do that too! (When you don’t want navigation tucked behind a “Menu” button.)

Example: Center layout + drop navigation.

FLIP’s layout is fully color adjustable allowing for light, dark, or even crazy town colorful schemes - if that’s your thing.

Example: Right Layout + Dark colors.

For everything that makes FLIP unique, we try our best to give you control of the special sauce. Pease visit other pages of this preview site to get a better feel for what FLIP can do.

Heavily Browser Tested

FLIP has been tested in over 30 major browser configurations. We’ve pin pointed at what version each major browser stops supporting FLIP - then issued an update advisor to kick in at these points. FLIP supports IE9+, Firefox 24+, Opera 13+, Safari 5+, Chrome 9+, iOS 5+, Android 4+

“Um yeah, this FLIP theme looks freakin’ awesome!”

Flip is USD, here’s a convenient direct purchase link.

What all do you get for, or roughly 6 cups of coffee?

A lifetime of free theme updates. A guarantee that any bugs found will be fixed within 48 hours. A theme manual covering theme features (with free account). A dedicated support person (mostly me, Nick) with a response time within 24 hours.
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