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DIY Camp Coffee


To make the coffee, assemble the percolator and fill it with water to just below the basket insert. Then put the coffee grounds into the basket, about 1 heaping tablespoon of ground coffee per cup of water. Next...

Rolling Shutter

2018 Photo Album

In a deeply personal way I feel an image is a poem about time, about “staying the moment.” Photography can defeat time.



Sell in any website

Create product groups that generate an online store within your RapidWeaver website! Even share product group links for a standalone web store - no website required. Complete with search and product sorting.


Combining the Depth stack and Depth theme is the fastest way to design bullet proof websites that look incredible across all desktops and devices. Shave off countless hours (or days) from the site building process.

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Moderate ambition.
Perhaps coffee or tea.