Responsive theme, for RapidWeaver 7

Remarkable First Impressions

Give your visitors a winning site experience - with beautiful visual effects, fresh typography, and effortless navigation. Watch our video below, and explore the Clearing demo site today!

Sticky Drop Navigation
Drop down navigation rests under the site banner, and when scrolling down the page, navigation becomes fixed to the page top - never leaving the site browsing experience. Trying this demo on a mobile device!

Animated Banner
The Clearing banner features a smoothly animated loading sequence. Key branding elements are introduced with elegance. Add an optional branding image to use in place of site title text.

Drag and Drop Banner
Clearing supports RapidWeaver 7's drag and drop image banner function, making custom banner additions - a breeze, no code required. Set banner images on a site wide, or per page basis.

Parallax Banner
Sites with subtle movement often have a more interesting and polished feel - just look at any of Apple's product pages! Clearing animates 3 key site layers, for a dimensional parallax effect.

Clearing Stack
RapidWeaver Power Users! Create a seamless "edge to edge" section on demand with the included Clearing Stack. Add a Clearing Stack to break outside of the traditional content margins - when needed!

Cartloom Ecommerce
When using Clearing for an online store, integrate a Cartloom's View Cart and Find Order button into the theme navigation with simple toggle options - no code required. Checkout Cartloom.

60+ Social Icons
Use Clearing a hub and link to your social networks! We include over 60 icons of todays most popular social platforms. Icons can be placed anywhere within the edit content areas, or import into the theme banner!

Custom Heading Fonts
Customize your Clearing site with 4 custom heading fonts. These font families, when combined with adjustable size, weight, casing, and letter spacing, cover a wide range of typographical feel.

Responsive Audio & Video
Clearing comes built-in responsive playback solutions your audio files, and hosted video content (youTube and Vimeo). These elegant solutions are incredibly useful, and easy to setup.

Isolated Width Site Elements
Dial in the perfect site layout by setting individual width limits for the site banner text, site navigation, and main content area. Widths below your settings will gracefully scale down for mobile devices.