Modern porfolio theme for RapidWeaver

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Focused UX

Canvas was created for a distraction free user experience. When visitors want to explore, all navigation can be quickly and intuitively accessed in the left bar.

Responsive Layout

The Canvas layout automatically adjusts to provide the best browsing experience on all screen sizes. To demonstrate, view on desktop and mobile devices.

Accelerated Graphics

All animations are optimized to use graphics hardware for smooth animations when available. We deeply care about the best animation performance possible.

Color Adjustable

Most of the base colors for Canvas are fully color adjustable in the style options. This allows for full control when creating light or dark based site color schemes.

Built-in Manual

Through our free Cloud service, you'll always have access to the latest Canvas tutorials and versioning.

Clear View

Canvas offers an optional "Clear View" feature (upper right), allowing visitors to fully expand the site to the browser window - great for media galleries.

2 Menu Styles

For site navigation, choose between a custom made "3D Reveal" effect, or a traditional "Drop Down" navigation style. Both support 3 page levels.

Social Icons 2.0

Our own social icon set is built into Canvas, and displays under the menu button. Setup is easy, and fully covered in the manual. View full icon set.

Mobile Simulator

When building your Canvas site, instantly preview each page on a simulated iPad, iPhone, and Kindle Fire at anytime with our built-in Simulator 2.0

Browser Support

Internet Explorer 8 / 9, Android, iOS, Safari, Firefox, Chrome. (Latest Releases) * IE 8 may have minor visual differences.
The slideshow above uses our popular SuperFlex stack. SuperFlex is a responsive slideshow with streamlined design, drop-dead easy stack interface, and banner importing into existing Nick Cates Design themes (requires the Stacks 2 plug-in). SuperFlex is not included with Canvas, but is available at

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