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Photo Pro for RapidWeaver

Photo Pro for RapidWeaver

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This blog post will be updated with the latest developments for all things Photo Pro. You can always comment below to join this discussion.

Jan. 24rd, 2020 – Updates

Photo Pro 1.0.2 now supported Batch Hosted image folders. See setup tutorial here.

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Jan. 22rd, 2020 – Photo Pro launched ?

Largely, this launch has been a big success, thank you for providing you’re detailed feedback, and helping me build the most powerful gallery stack for RapidWeaver.

That said, I wanted to speak on one feature that wasn’t shipped at launch – and that is the ability to batch server hosted folders. Now originally, on the lengthy pre-launch Photo Pro blog post, I expressed how the new batch would use the Resource folder in RapidWeaver, and by everyone’s comments I believed this batch resource feature alone would make folks happy.

Well, Photo Pro launched, and response emails came in, major were very positive, but a few people expressed strong desire for a batch option to choose a server hosted folder – and I hear you! I’m working on it now, once it’s been fully tested out with a few beta testers, Photo Pro owners will get a stack update, and link to a tutorial on how to setup this new feature.

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16 Responses

  1. That’s great to hear Nick… hugely looking forward to it. Additionally, there needs to be more control over the thumbnail appearance, including color, width, and rounding of borders, and the ability to add padding between the border and the thumb image. In particular, options that allow the equivalent of what this CSS code does (though I can’t find a way to insert the above padding):
    div.img-wrapper:hover {
    opacity: 0.8;
    img {
    border-style: solid;
    border-width: 1px;
    border-color: white;
    border-radius: 5px;
    On your Spacing and Radius options, I think it would be better if you provided a field to allow us to type in a number of pixels rather than locking us into a fixed set of values. On caption options, it’s odd that there’s an option to set text alignment of thumb captions, but not of the Lightroom captions. And it seems conventional in photo stacks to have a clickable icon that hides/shows the carousel of small thumbs in the lightbox. I’d like to see that here too.

    And going back to my pre-release remarks about panoramas… the ability to zoom in gets a long way there, but a critical need for panoramas, which are much wider than they are long, is having an option to zoom in the amount to fit the pano’s height so that the visitor need only move the cursor (or finger) left or right to have the experience of looking across the pano scene. So, I recommend adding a first step in your sequential zoom which is this “fit to height amount”, or perhaps add some option in the stack that allows me to say I want that amount added to the zoom list for this stack group.

    1. Photo 1.0.1 now has border style controls in the group settings ?

      Lightbox footer content must be left aligned because the EXIF info icon appears the left of the lightbox footer. You can however adjust the caption width in the Photo Pro base, this can give a more centered or left align layout depending on width settings.

      I understand what your wanting with zoom, basically instead of fit to window size by default, you want fit to height, then zoom the left and right. That would surely take some figuring out! ? I need more demand from other photographers to invest time into such a specific feature like this.

  2. I’ve reproduced one of my galleries using PhotoPro and checked it out on an iPhone SE (iOS 13.3; Safari). I then did a rapid mixture of operations in the lightbox such as zoom, unzoom, change orientation and back, change image, and so on. Several problems appeared. The most consistent thing is that the thumb carousel won’t scroll in either orientation. Sometimes selecting another image appears in zoomed mode, and sometimes trying to unzoom an image changes the image. sometimes clicking the zoom in button in succession does nothing. I can’t easily nail down what’s going on. I’d suggest going into the lightbox on a phone and trying a whole bunch of things in succession.

    1. I just tried going crazy on some gallery examples, the only issue I encountered is the mobile thumbnails not scrolling, but that appears to be a bug at the moment, I’ll fix this soon!

  3. The 1px (presumably) border on the thumbnail of the selected image in the lightbox is essentially invisible. It’s hard to tell which one is selected. To make it clearer I’d suggest making the thumb of the selected image slightly larger than the others (best), or reduce the brightness of the unselected thumbs and increase the border on the selected thumb to 2px.

    1. Good suggestion Dave, I’ve now made note to give the current selected thumb more attention in the next Photo Pro update.

  4. Hi Nick. Congratulations to a great new release of Photo Pro. Great potential in comparison to the former version, which I have been using a lot over the last years. Purchased my copy yesterday and love it :)) Especially the new features of Resource galleries in combination with Adobe Lightroom.

    1. Thanks Juergen! Yes, Lightroom is what I used to make all the Batch galleries for Photo Pro, setup for large albums is so fast now!

  5. Thanks for the fix on the thumb strip scroll in the lightbox… and making the selected image’s thumb larger and brighter. But I noticed that when you click a thumb in the gallery to display it in the lightbox, its thumbnail might not be visible once the lightbox comes up. You have to scroll the strip to find it. I think you’ll want to ensure that the selected thumb is visible when the lightbox comes up.

    Personally, I think the thumbs are a bit too small. I’d be happy to see an option to specify the height of the thumb strip.

    1. I am finding in the lightbox, either on the web or previewed in RW, that when I click on the zoom in button it will go to 50% but clicking again it sometimes goes to 100% (not 75%; sometimes stays at 50% on mobile in portrait mode), and if clicked repeatedly will cycle back to 50 and back to 100 and so on. On mobile/landscape, it properly goes 50/75/100, but clicking the zoom out button doesn’t go 100-75-50, it just pops back out of zoom mode. Not super consistent, but not right.

      Sometimes see that the caption displays as “Undefined” (I have it set to IPTC caption, but that field is null for the images). Would be better if it just shows nothing.

  6. Hi Nick. Just wanted to let you know how much I like the Photo pro update. Just went to my photography site and updated the galleries to Batch galleries from Lightroom. Finally I also felt inspired to upload my latest images from the Western Cape, South Africa. Thanks for the beautiful stack! Here you can see the galleries in action:

    1. Juergen your work, and website look amazing! Can I use your site as a showcase for Photo Pro? Thank you SO MUCH for sharing!

      1. Nick, sorry for my late reply. For sure you can use my site as a showcase for Photo Pro :))

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