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NEW: RapidWeaver Knowledge Base.

For 2020, I wanted to take my own Rapidweaver product documentation to the next level! Introducing the new Nick Cates Design – RapidWeaver Knowledge Base:

So what’s cool about this new Knowledge Base?

All theme and stack tutorials are now searchable.

For every tutorial, you can now let me know if it was helpful or not helpful. If it was not helpful, you can optionally leave feedback on what could be improved.

For every tutorial, you can now leave a reply. Maybe you have a question on specific tutorial, you ask right there, and I can answer you on that same tutorial page. This is ideal for helping out all product owners as a community. While these tutorials are for NCD specific products, you can also refer to the official Realmac Software documentation for RapidWeaver 8.

This is a major step forward in my commitment to bring you the best experience when working with my products. I certainly understand every new product has a learning curve, and chances are you’ll be trying to setup setting something within your website – and there’s no tutorial for it. No worries, simply send me a support email and I’ll be glad to help out!

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