Vast stack settings

Vast Poster: Drag and drop a custom image here, that will be shown before your video is ready to play from a server. On mobile devices, this image will be use for the Poster Only setting. Need a good poster image? See tutorial “Quickly create a video poster image.”

Video Source: Link to your RapidWeaver resource or sever/cdn hosted .mp4 video. For more information, see tutorial “How to choose an autoplay video source”.

Vast Load: This is only an option because loading video from the server all the time in Preview can be unstable. When disabled, only the Poster image will show.

Min. Height: Set the minimum height of the Vast stack container. If content exceeds this value, no problem, the Vast container only expand in height.

Stack Align: Set the vertical position of the inner stack container. By default, the stack container will be centered, but you can also align the stack container to the top or bottomof the Vast stack. Stack alignment is only noticeable when the Vast stack is taller then the inner Vast stack container.

Stack Width: Set the max width of for the inner stack container. The outer/parent Vast container, is always 100% full width when the Stack option is enabled. 

Poster Only: The poster only number value is maximum screen width before Vast will not load the .mp4 video, and will only show the Poster image. This option is specially intended for the prevention of mobile video loading.

For example, if you want iPhones to only show the poster image, and not load background .mp4 video, then set the Poster Only value to “400”. This means any screens below a 400 px width, will not load video, and will only show the Poster Image. To have all devices load video, set the value to “100”. Need a good poster image?

See tutorial “Quickly create a video poster image.”

Blur Filter: The blur filter control is huge for 2 reasons… 

When bring down the data rate of your export .mp4 video, to get a small file size, a lot of compression artifacts can be seen, and it’s not a good look. Blur filtering can smooth out compression artifacts nicely!

If adding text content inside the Vast stack, you’ll quickly notice it’s hard to read small text when a video is playing behind it. Adding Blur to the Vast video helps a lot with small text readability.

Corner Radius: Adjust the curve radius on the 4 corners of the Vast container.

Colors → Overlay: Adjust the color of the tint layer that overlays vast video.

Colors → Text: Adjust the text color within the stack container.

Colors → Links: Adjust the link color within the stack container.

Colors → Link Hover: Adjust the link hover color within the stack container.

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