YouTube or Vimeo Media Type – Basic Setup

YouTube and Vimeo slide media types were made to do two things, display the video in a fluid width (responsive) way, and to make setup quick and easy. The setup part is on you, so let’s cover it.

1) Select a SF3 slide to reveal the slide edit panel (on the right).

2) Change the Media Type to either “YouTube” or “Vimeo”.

3) In the unique video #ID input, enter the #ID.

Video Unique ID

What is a unique video ID?

Every video page for YouTube and Vimeo has this unique ID at the end of the top address bar, or share link.

If a YouTube video page is “”, then the video ID is “SObzNdyRTBs”. 

And if the YouTube share link is “”, the video ID is “SObzNdyRTBs”.

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