Remote Folder Setup

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1) Download the “remote” folder here, it’s a zip file, after download your mac might try to open the folder contents – simply close this, you just want the folder. This remote folder is prepared to receive images (and only images) for remote useage with SuperFlex 3. It contains 2 important files that allow SuperFlex to read and verify your images. You can rename the folder. You can not delete the “*.jp2” or hidden .htaccess file in the folder, or your added images will fail to appear.

2) Upload the remote folder. Using an FTP app (see Notes below if you don’t have one), add the remote folder under the same domain name as the rest of your RapidWeaver project. Add or remove your images at any time in this remote folder.

3) Folder Verification. With RapidWeaver and SuperFlex 3 open, enable the “Remote” button in the stack edit panel, you see the remote folder file path input appear. Enter the absolute filepath to your remote folder, for example “”.

4) After entering the filepath, switch to Preview mode in RapidWeaver, you’ll instantly get a green success – or – red fail to link message. If green, you’re good to publish, any images in the remote folder will generate a SuperFlex slideshow once your site is online.


• Best paid FTP app, Transmit. Decent free FTP app FileZilla.

• An internet connection is required for the remote folder verification to work correctly in RapidWeaver Preview. • Images in your remote folder will not appear in RapidWeaver preview. A tech novel could be written on why – but we did create a folder verification method to give some piece of mind before publishing.

• If your published site does not show remote images – but does pass validation in RapidWeaver preview, it’s because your publish site and remote folder are being kept under different domain names. Here’s an exmaple:

• Let’s take “”. The img folder must be on the same server that’s hosting content for “”. Here’s what will not work, having SuperFlex 3 on “” yet hosting the img folder on “”. This won’t work because the primary domain names do not match. Once the published site and remote folder are under the same domain name, the images should appear. If not, please let us know.

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