Rails Stack Addon – Getting Started

1. Create or Edit a Stack 3 plugin page.

2. Click Library, search for Rails, drop Rails stack onto the page, close Library.

3. Click on Rails Items, and adjust text in the Item Name field. This text field is located in the Edit panel after a Rail Item has been clicked or highlighted. If you don’t see the Edit panel, click the “Info” button to reveal.

4. For Section content, drag and drop other stacks as needed.

Few notes:

* When first previewing your Rails layout, Rails Items will not scroll if Section content does not exceed past the browser window. Once Section content exceeds down past the screen, Rail Item can scroll to access Sections. The “Extra Bottom” Rails setting will allow more space to scroll lower Rails Sections.

* When adding more Items and Sections, be sure to add the same amount on both sides if each Item and Section are to be correctly linked.

* Place Items that link to other pages – below all Items that link to Sections.

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