Nick Cates


Nick Cates is the CEO and lead designer for Nick Cates Design, an independent web design firm that's established branding for medium to multi-million dollar businesses.

Nick has designed site templates and stacks for the website builder Mac app RapidWeaver, since 2008. Grossing over $2M in sales, Nick Cates Design continues to help thousands of international site designers and business owners achieve a high quality online presence. View the customer Showcase.

Nick is also the lead designer for Cartloom, an eCommerce platform specializing in the ability to sell within any website, or sell with a fully designed online storefront. Cartloom has been an professional selling platform for over a decade, processing over 1.4 million orders online, and collecting over $72M for sellers world wide.

Nick started a YouTube Channel in 2018, reviewing websites and sharing insights on web design. These entertaining, short, light hearted videos are free, and always bring value to the site design process.